Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rebecca Ryan Design - Lets talk about love

I believe that every room should have at least one thing in it that a client absolutley loves.
I don't mean like a lot - I mean really loves.

In this kitchen picture, my client fell in love with the hand-hammered, copper prep sink embossed with frogs. Every morning, she gets up to make her coffee at this sink. Every time she uses or sees this object, it imparts a great sense of joy and satisfaction.  Having at least one item in a room that is truly loved can make other design compromises inconsequential.

Rebecca Ryan Design - When push comes to shove...

Don't be bullied by your designer. A good designer should gently nudge a client outside of her comfort zone - just enough to elevate the design to something beyond what the client would think of or do herself. However, when that gentle nudge feels more like a shove, it's time to say good-bye.