Thursday, August 18, 2011

Top Kitchen Trends - Banq on it!

Banquettes are one of the hottest trends in kitchens today. 
Homeowners are trying to squeeze 
more people and function into their kitchens. 

ADD SEATING: Banquettes are a great way to provide additional seating in or adjacent to the kitchen without eating up the prime real estate required by a free standing table and chairs. With banquette seating, at least one side of the seating is against a wall, sometimes even against two or three walls. This means no additional space is required for chairs to be pulled in and out or for people to pass behind. And they can generally accommodate more people than can fit at an average island.


ADD STORAGE: Cabinetry used to create the seating area provides extra storage. The space under the bench seating is put to good use for storage of seasonal items,place mats, tablecloths and other table dressing items. If you have kids, consider putting craft items here, or their own plastic plates and cups to facilitate independence.

ADD SOFTNESS:Banquettes provide an opportunity to introduce soft materials into kitchens that tend to be mostly hard surfaces. They also provide opportunity for displaying art or collections. Bookcases make a great addition. All of these things create visual interest and impart personality and individuality on the room.

ADD STYLE: Stylistically, banquettes can be appropriate in any setting. They work great in large and small kitchens, formal and informal, traditional to contemporary. Banquettes are limited only by what the imagination can conceive. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous examples I've included. Which one tickles your fancy?


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