Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rebecca Ryan Design - Top Bathroom Trend: Freestanding Tubs

Large freestanding tubs are the new show stoppers of bathrooms. 
Gone are the large, multi-person jacuzzi tubs of the 90's. Enter the new era of soaking tubs prominently situated in the center of room as sculptural focal point.

Chrome tub $5-10k

Granite tub $10-18k
*Floor must be reinforced to accommodate weight

Refurbished clawfoot tub $1000

Glass tub $8-12k
Concrete Tub $10-20k

New Clawfoot Tub $2-4k

Contemporary Ceramic Tub $5-10k

Custom Wood Tub $10-20k

Acrylic pedestal tub $3-6k

Copper tub $10-18k


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