Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rebecca Ryan Design: 3 Keys to Maximize Counter Space

Look Familiar? 

Use these 3 Key Planning Points to get the most out of your countertops.

1. CONTINUOUS: When it comes to having good work surfaces the key is continuous countertop surface. Ideally a kitchen will have at least one area of countertop that is 5 feet long. If you can't get a 5' strip in your tiny kitchen, get the longest length you can make work.This could be between the refrigerator and the sink or on an island. One continuous work surface is more valuable than a lot of total square footage of countertop broken into in short lengths. 

2. LOCATION:The countertop location is also important when it comes to handedness and sequencing. Typically, right handed people like to prep, chop etc to the left of a sink. Whereas, left handed cooks do the opposite. If you can consider and accommodate this in your space planning, the kitchen will be more efficient and enjoyable to use. 

3. LANDING: "Landing areas" are needed next to the refrigerator, microwave oven and traditional ovens. Usable landing space doesn't always have to be directly next to an appliance. It could be on an island behind you, or in the form of a pullout shelf in a tall cabinet under a microwave. The point is that went you are pulling something hot from and oven, or lots of things from a frig, you need an easily accessible place to put them. Other functional landing areas to consider would be for bringing in groceries and mail, purses, and bookbags. 

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