Friday, April 19, 2013

Rebecca Ryan Design - New Face for a Frumpy Fireplace

This frumpy fireplace is such a dominant element in the room that no matter what else is done with the walls or furnishings, the room will never look right and the owner's will never be happy with it.

  • Bland, pale brick takes away from the beautiful hardwood floors
  • Random knick-knack shelves create clutter and fight with the open storage of the built-ins
  • Brassy surround is very dated
  • Log storage opening is useless and distracting.


The new tile facade is clean, current and transitional enough to work with a variety of furnishings.
  • Tiling directly over the existing brick is easy and economical.
  • One type of tile used for all surfaces creates a single visual impression.
  • Removing the knick-knack shelves, closing in the log storage, and laying the tile in a straight stacked pattern creates clean lines that don't fight with the open storage of the adjacent built-ins.
  • The tile's depth and texture keep it interesting without being busy. The richness of color adds some punch to the room. The color - both warm brown tones as well as cool grays make it a versatile choice that can coordinate well with a variety of other colors and tones.
  • The gas insert is clean, simple and black.
  • The stainless steel shluter provides a nice finished edges for all three sides.

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